Boys Don’t Cry with Anatoly Kuznetzov and Vincent Hubbard

Approach, rejection. Birth, stagnation. Stark and brutal choreography restrained by a laconic male libido. These are the vectors around which legendary Uzbek performance artist Anatoly Kuznetzov and local businessman Vincent Hubbard hang their work.

Drawing upon the Judson tradition of minimal and repeating dance cycles, Kuznetzov takes vogueing movements and gradually articulates them into something more profound – a strangely emphatic rejection of dance as spectacle.

Conversely, the Fluxus-infused situationist approach of well-known local artist Vincent Hubbard takes this piece in a very different direction. For Hubbard, life itself is considered an extension of choreographed movement. Birth, education, work and family weave into a 4-dimensional dialectic indistinguishable from abstract performativity.

Kuznetsov and Hubbard’s performances are intense, confrontational and political.

Boys Don’t Cry will be performed live in the Branning Atrium at 3pm on Saturday 14th, 21st and 28th October. The performance lasts approximately 43 minutes and flash-photography is not allowed.

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset
Copyright University of Tashkent & Albert Wine Bar


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