Cycles by Moustafa Oudahi

Moroccan artist Moustafa Oudahi will be hosting a sound art installation in the Branning Atrium from the 13th November 2017 to 14th January 2018.

Producing complex and polyrhythmic layers of human-inspired voices, Oudahi’s work presents a texture of undulating sound redolent of both global and local inspiration.

The following sample was recorded during a live rehearsal, and is part of an exhibit that pushes the concept of rhythm to its limits through a series of fluid and evolving sonic time-structures.

In Oudahi’s own words: “Life is a multitudinous assemblage of layers built upon layers built upon layers. Through sound these layers may be deconstructed, a process I invite my audiences to participate in.”

Comprising of a series of immersive audio installations, Cycles is now available to view in the Branning Atrium.

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