Ghosts on the Square: Objects of Remembrance

In this unmissable new exhibition, pan-directional artist Henry Collins reinterprets some of the Square’s most well-known and sadly departed residents in a series of intricate 3D memorials.

Reminiscent of Ai Weiwei, Richard Long and Kurt Schwitters, Collins takes influence from found objects, postminimalism and dada. In doing so he challenges the foundations of portraiture: simultaneously abandoning surface similarity whilst concentrating and focusing what he sees as the “essence” of his subjects.

With a profound sensitivity, Collins deals with issues of memory and memorialisation, creating assemblages that both embody and problematise the identity of the departed. The resulting portraits carry a resemblance inextricably bound to the lives, loves and tribulations of these complex human characters.

The materiality of the somatic rendering of Ghosts on the Square holds up a fractured mirror in which we see the fragility of our own lives and the inevitability of decay. In many ways, through sculpture, Collins’ subjects live on – transcending the physicality of matter and escaping death.

Ghosts on the Square is available to view in the Carter Gallery until July 2018.

Style (Pat Butcher) nl
Style | Pat Butcher | Mayonnaise jar and makeup

Scars(Peggy Mitchell) nl
Scars | Peggy Mitchell | Broken Porcelain and Superglue

Produce (Martin Fowler)
Produce | Pete Beale | Broken Fruit Box

Tanin (Pauline Fowler)
Tannin | Pauline Fowler | Teabags and Safety Pins

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