Walford Contemporary Opening Event

Welcome, art lovers, to our humble multi-million-pound East London art gallery.

The last few years have been challenging, but it has been my pleasure to fight side-by-side with the people of Walford in getting this wonderful gallery off the ground. The forces of reason and beauty have triumphed, and the miserly local Council now accepts that provocative contemporary art is a right, not a luxury.

For decades the people of Walford have gone without a space to explore the boundaries and gestures of contemporary visual arts practice, crying out with open arms for sensitively executed and reliably ambiguous art. Walthamstowe’s vulgar cousin, Stratford’s boorish neighbour – the cultural sick-man of London. But this is our place now, a little corner of post-industrial renaissance that we may call our own.

My team and I are delighted to finally declare Walford Contemporary open. Our opening collection has something for everyone, from the seasoned arts patron to the unconvinced local market trader. We look forward to a great first year for the gallery and cannot wait to see what fantastic artworks the future may hold!

So, join us in celebrating the opening of Walford Contemporary. Let us march on, and forge our intellectual weapons in the white-hot heat of artistic endeavour.

Let’s put Walford back on the map!

curator signature

– Jonty B. Bostock, BA (Hons). Curator

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